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Banksy – USA version of Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD

From the Wooster Collective

Banksy has revealed the packaging and extras for the United States version of the DVD release of his Exit Through The Gift Shop film. The DVD is out in the US from December 14th. Prior to that its available via  iTunes and Movies-On-Demand channels from November 23rd.

Included in the extras is the Lawyer’s Edit of  Thierry Guetta’s LIFE REMOTE CONTROL. Looking at the pack itself the stickers look similar, the glasses a little different, the postcard is a painting similar to the Crude Oils series Guantanamo Bay beach scene but more appropriate to the US market – and what’s that snuck in at the back. Looks like a copy of Mr Brainwash’s Bat Pappy work. A classic moment from the film….

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