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Banksy’s No Future Found Alive and Well

These days it seems its pretty unusual for a Banksy piece to go unreported on the street for anything longer than 24 hours. Three of his recent pieces, however, bucked this trend with two (‘Keep Britain Tidy’ and ‘I Love You’) finally being tracked down weeks later to the Isle of Wight – but only after they had been buffed off or painted over. That left ‘No Future’ unaccounted for so it was a bit of a surprise when two months later it has turned up intact in a busier than average residential street in a pretty large city.

Banksy No Future ( photo Steve Cotton / )

The stares I got while taking these pictures made it pretty plain that everyone thought I was mad to be spending anytime photographing this wall – especially from the guys in the garage opposite. I’ve no idea if they had heard of Banksy or not but it was kind of just like the old times when photographing a piece of graffiti would normally result in you being called a ‘saddo’ (still happens sometimes)!

And, yeah, I know they have a point.

Banksy No Future ( photo Steve Cotton / )


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