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New Banksy print ‘Choose Your Weapon’

Mentioned previously, the new Banksy print ‘Choose Your Weapon’ has arrived. Well nearly. Full details are on picturesonwalls so head on over there for the facts but in summary there are 100 of the grey version bottom right and 25 each of all the other colourways above. The red, green, blue and grey on the right of the picture are available online via a lottery system while 25 each of the remaining eight colours are available from POW’s Commercial Street premises on Saturday 11th December from 10AM (be warned, there’s probably already a queue formed and it’ll more than likely exceed the number of prints available).

A bit on where the Banksy royalties from this print are going, lifted directly from the POW website:

“Each print is £450.00 but if it’s any consolation Banksy is donating all royalties to the VOINA artist cooperative in Russia, two of whom are currently residing in a St Petersburg jail. VOINA are the people who drew a giant penis on a road bridge opposite the KGB headquarters and protested against police corruption by overturning eleven patrol cars in one night. Find out more about them here…”

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