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The street art circus comes to town

So it’s been a while…too long in fact. I kind of gave up on the blog for a while to take a break after seven years – thanks to those of you who emailed in to see what was up. In the meantime Art Of The State itself has turned 10 years old this week (prior to that it was called so it’s been a good time for a bit of reflection.

The last few years have seen some major changes in street art. Lots of new work in London now follows pretty much the same pattern as when the circus comes to town. A few days before a show opens some paste ups or whatever appear in semi legal or legal places, basically advertising the event. They create an interest, people turn up and spend their money and then the circus, sorry show, moves on to the next city. I’m not singling out any particular artists, picking on one would be unfair but when street art becomes just advertising posters really what’s the difference? More importantly whats the point?

So is street art dead? No of course not. All it takes is one person with intentions other than purely jump starting a career in the art world to do something interesting and unexpected and its alive again. And yes that has been happening, we just need to look harder, past all of the advertising, to find the artists who would be doing this stuff even if it had no price tag attached to it.

Not street art but graffiti. Revert at Feltham Circles, done for the love of painting.

I’m still going to feature shows that interest me but the best street art for me is and always will be…art on the street…and not art advertising art on the street….

Happier post next time…maybe.



2 thoughts on “The street art circus comes to town

  • Anonymous

    Great words that deserve propor reflection and more consideration in comments than I have time for at the mo, so I'll limit myself to congratulations on your venerable annversary. Art Of The State – pioneer, champion of the good shit, keeper of the flame and repository of invaluable knowledge and historic flicks. Keeps it up, you're an inspiration to us on Graffoto and a damn good friend too.
    Cap doffed

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for coming back – we felt lost without you – another great article – have given you a shout out on our FB page
    Big love from The London West Bank


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