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Caught red handed (and not for the first time)

Well it looks like a Banksy doesn’t it? I’m a bit late in posting this one. It seems just about every street art blog on the planet has been down to Fitzrovia in London before me this time round but hey, this is a blog about Banksy so I’d still better post some pictures even if you’ve already seen them elsewhere. The text is a play on a well known slogan (substitute ‘voting’ for the word graffiti and you have the original message).

Banksy ’If graffiti changed anything – it would be illegal”, London (photo: Steve Cotton / )

I love the paw print in red on the side, its a neat little touch. It’s great to see a Banksy rat again on the streets of London and it reminded me of one from Highbury a good few years back which also had red paint dripping from its paw.

Banksy rat, April 2011  (photo: Steve Cotton / )

Banksy in Highbury a while back (buffed)  (photo: Steve Cotton / )

The wall its painted on is pretty flaky and it may not last too long in the current climate so enjoy the sunshine and get down there if you want have a look. There’s a bar opposite too ;-)

Banksy – If Graffiti Changed Anything It Would Be Illegal  (photo: Steve Cotton / )

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