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Art Off The Streets

Plenty of new work and reworked work by Banksy has appeared in the massive Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) ‘Art In The Streets’ show in L.A. His name wasn’t on the published list of artists but since last year its been pretty obvious he’d have work there and it looks like there’s plenty to see by him and a whole load of well known street artists.

The title of this article is not a typo. For me from what I’ve seen so far this is art off the streets. It’s not fair to judge the whole show looking at a few pictures from the opening night from my seat on the other side of the pond so I’ll say no more at present than I feel a bit of the street art spirit has been lost with this show (but the graffiti history side of things looks very well documented….). When Banksy went ‘inside’ at the Bristol Museum it worked a treat, here it looks like a collection of pieces in a room. Great to see the canvas of the Poll Tax Riot piece along with confirmation that the Camden Canal goldfish work was his. Some nice revisits too – Single Lane Ahead and the church window being personal favourites.

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