BanksyBanksy Outside

Banksy’s tap phoned….

Brinngg! Brinngg! Oh no…my tap’s been phoned (photo:

With a history stretching as far back as the early days in Bristol Banksy’s stick figure makes another appearance with a bit of fun referencing the recent phone tapping scandals. The location of this piece is not known to date. Is it on the street? Well it is in the outdoors section of his website but taps on the side of buildings accessible to the public are rare unless they’re out of the way a bit, for use by the public or not working!

Below are a few previous outings for Banksy’s stick figures at the Bristol Museum in 2009 and West London in 2006.

Banksy – You have got to be kidding me (photo: Steve Cotton / )

Banksy: He’s just crap at drawing flowers (photo: Steve Cotton / )

Banksy: Graffiti Removal Hotline, West London (photo: Steve Cotton / )

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