THE COMPUTERS Rock Reading’s Sub89

THE COMPUTERS – READING SUB89, Wednesday 7th August 2013

The Computers wear matching suits, have pretty slick hairstyles and mix up a hell of a racket incorporating punk, hardcore and rock’n’roll in an energetic stage show. So far so Hives but there’s more to this outfit than being a mere Swedish clone. Their use of keyboards and their frequent nods to Soul influences set them well apart from a lazy and obvious comparison. Tonight they are supporting the Damned but they have that ingredient X that tells you they can easily headline their own shows.

Singer Screaming Al starts the gig with one foot on the stage and one foot on the crush barrier whilst playing guitar and exhorting the audience to have the time of their lives. He’s soon leaping off the bands equipment and then running out into the audience. It’s one of those rare, genuinely exciting performances that make you glad you bothered to turn up early to check out the support act. They romp through material from their two albums – the highlight for me was ‘Disco Sucks’ from their cleverly titled “Love Triangles Hate Squares’ second outing. I dug the Clash cover too but then it was over far too quickly. ‘Til next time.

The Computers


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