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FUK / WASTED LIFE / DOGSFLESH / at the New Cross Inn

FUK / WASTED LIFE / DOGSFLESH Saturday 1st March 2014 at the New Cross Inn

I’m in New Cross tonight to see Mexican UK82 punks Acidez except I seem to be the only one who doesn’t know that they haven’t made it here tonight. In fact they only got as far as UK Border Control before being denied entry for not having the right paper work. Yeah, they can go to France, Germany, even Russia but sorry the UK has shut its doors. I’d been looking forward to seeing them for ages so it’s a bit of a downer on the evening for me.

Things improve when I take a look at FUK and recognise Gabba from Chaos UK on guitar. And then they start playing, in fact they don’t stop playing until at least half an hour later. There are no breaks between songs at all , just a total onslaught of relentless noisy thrash. I loved it. It was like some kind of endurance test, whatever, FUK passed it with flying colours. I’ve tracked down some vinyl by them since the gig and suggest you do the same.

Wasted Life are on next – another guy I recognise – JJ Janiak from Broken Bones on vocal duties. He’s an excellent front man getting the crowd going and thanking anyone who shows their appreciation at the end of their songs. They’re a bit UK82 too so I’m starting to get over missing Acidez, in fact I’m not thinking about it at all. Nice one Wasted Life – you cheered me right up.

Finally Dogsflesh take the stage and I don’t know what it is but I’m not getting them tonight. Maybe it was the ridiculously over the top macho pit dancing that accompanied their set but I find myself retreating a bit from the front and I watch most the set from the sidelines. Others were really into them so maybe I was just done for the evening for once. As for Acidez a quick check of their Facebook page the next day revealed a photo of of four pairs of boots in front of a UK border officer. Maybe some other time amigos.

Watch FUK play Smash Up The Kitchen and more live at the New Cross Inn


FUK at the New Cross Inn

Gabba from FUK

Wasted Life

JJ Janiak, Wasted Life

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