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THE PARTISANS / THE DUEL / THE REVERENDS / 16 GUNS at Another Winter Of Discontent Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Boston Arms

Thank you AWOD for bringing the Partisans back to London. That was one hell of a gig. When I arrived during the Reverends set it was already ramping up. I enjoyed them, they are on the rock’n’roll side of punk and the singer is something of a nutter, stripped to the waist and gesticulating but that 100% in the moment attitude is what you want to see from a band.

16 Guns came on to a bit of the Wham Rap, even mouthing the words at times. Singer Tom has a great way with the crowd and they have a lot of fans in the London punk scene and beyond. Every time I see them they seem to get a better reaction. Here they press all the right buttons before leaving the stage. The crowd are warmed up nicely by now.

The Duel are up next, a mix of keyboards and mid paced songs fronted up by the enigmatic Tara Rez they added to the feeling that tonight was something more of an event rather than a run off the mill gig. They certainly stood out on the bill but I’m not sure that everybody got what they were about and some of the energy seemed to be seeping out of the hall.

That was soon back up to the max as the Partisans walked on the stage. With a bass player and drummer joining the original guitarist and singer they played pretty much the perfect gig despite only meeting up recently for the first time. The crowd absolutely loved them as they made their way through a ridiculously strong back catalogue including Police Story, Killing Machine and 17 Years Of Hell. The stage was a mass of bodies heaving themselves up and flying off by the end and a claim that they didn’t know any more songs held no water with the audience who go them back to play 17 years for a second time. As the band the left the stage someone grabbed the mic and yelled “Partisans, you were fucking awesome”. I couldn’t agree more.

The Partisans at Another Winter Of Discontent

And for anyone who thinks these old punk bands playing gigs are just sedate, pipe and slippers nostalgia here’s the Partisans set closer at Another Winter of Discontent in London last night.

The Duel

Taea Rez from The Duel

16 Guns

The Reverends

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