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Banksy – The Sincura Show – nothing to see

No pictures on this post because I haven’t gone to see the exhibition above. Why? Because…

– it’s not authorised by the artist, in fact from the above I’d say he hates it.

– the organisers have destroyed the entire context of the pieces on display and then want you to cough up 20 quid to look at what was given to the public for free.

– it encourages the organisers and others to take Banksy pieces off walls where anyone could enjoy them and puts them in the hands of the moneyed elite with no morals.

There is no power without control. They’ve taken a gift to you and want to charge you to view it then say you can’t take pictures and that this is the last time you’ll see it. Why, because their aim is to sell to the highest bidder. They even employ goons to ensure no vandalism,… I could go on but really it’s all in this post on Graffoto .

If you want to see some real Banksy art in London this weekend check here.

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