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UK SUBS / LOUISE DISTRAS at the 100 Club, London

UK SUBS / LOUISE DISTRAS Friday 9th January 2015 at the 100 Club, London

The Resolution Festival at the 100 Club entered its penultimate day with what for me was the best night – Wakefield’s singer songwriter Louise Distras and the ever fantastic UK Subs. Louise had also promised via Facebook that something huge was going to happen on the night so I was curious to see what that might be. She took to the stage in her characteristic style – 100% from the off. It always takes me back a little bit when she starts because it’s just so instantly full on but boy does it gets the crowds attention! She’s over halfway through her set having played anthems such as ‘The Hand You Hold’ when she announces her surprise welcoming Jamie Oliver (UK Subs) on drums and Chema (Cellbound, Skeptix etc) on bass. Louise Distras has a band!

Louise Distras debuts her new band at the 100 Club (photo: Steve Cotton)

She’s really enjoying herself as the 100 Club bears witness to the very first performance of what will be a new unit that will tour the UK later in the year. I recorded ‘Bullets’ on video and after the show bassist Chema hooks this video up with another by Tutek and with a bit of wizardry all of a sudden we have a new official video for the band. You can watch it here. Great start to the evening!

Louise Distras (photo: Steve Cotton)

The UK Subs took to the stage and I was surprised at just how packed the 100 Club was by this time. Five nights of consecutive punk gigs hadn’t reduced the crowd at all. There were other options on in London tonight too so it was great to see so many there. The Subs delivered a fantastic set as ever, Charlie orchestrating from the front with Alvin, Jet and Jamie all putting in great performances. This band are on top form right now and its been like this for a while. With new album Yellow Leader due out imminently the end is now in sight for them to complete their A-Z album list and they play a couple of new songs from it tonight with Jet’s composition ‘Suicidal Girl’ being the stand out. They also gave ‘Keep On Running’ an airing for the first time in a while, it went a little awry to be honest but it was great to hear it live again – hopefully it’ll stay in the set from now on. All the favourites were there – a blistering ‘Emotional Blackmail’, a heavier ‘Tomorrow’s Girls’, a singalong ‘Warhead’ and taking it right back to the beginning ‘CID’. Stand out for me, as ever, was “New York State Police’. ‘Til the next time!

Charlie Harper, UK Subs (photo: Steve Cotton)

Jet from UK Subs (photo:Steve Cotton)

Alvin Gibbs from UK Subs with roadie Chris (photo: Steve Cotton)



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