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Banksy – Morning Is Broken

Banksy – Morning is Broken

There’s a new Banksy to be seen, this time in Herne Bay. Or rather there isn’t. Banksy’s Instagram has three new photos showing ‘Morning Is Broken’ on the side of a derelict building near the town often referred to as the last resort (because of its location)! The third photo in the series shows the new piece being demolished along with the house, which is probably a shame for the owner of the building. Workmen have since recovered parts of the wall and possibly the corrugated iron curtains but in a way it was fitting that this piece’s existence was as transitory as the morning it depicted.

Banksy Morning Is Broken
Banksy Morning Is Broken (image:
Banksy Morning is broken
Banksy Morning is broken in situ (image:
Banksy demolition of morning is broken
Demolition of the house Morning Is Broken was installed on (Image:

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