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Banksy Locations (and a Tour) Volume 2 by Martin Bull

Banksy Locations (and a tour) Volume 2. More Graffiti locations from the UK by Martin Bull. ISBN 978-0955471230, hardback, 382 pages. Shellshock publishing.
Just to be clear right from the off this is not an updated version of volume one of Martin Bull’s very successful Banksy Locations and Tours book. This is an all new, completely different book featuring work not included in the previous offering. It’s hardback format provides a bit of welcome extra durability when lugging it around the locations with you. It’s thick too, with 380 odd pages of very precise locations, photos and detailed descriptions of the stories behind the pieces.

London takes up nearly two thirds of this book, not too surprisingly really as the capital is the place that Banksy continues to hit hardest. Whilst nothing is really pristine in London it still does offer glimpses of Banksy’s work if you look hard enough. In fact I was surprised to find that using this guide you could still cobble together a pretty decent days worth of Banksy spotting despite the generally held view that there’s very little left in the city. The guide is bang up to date too with recent pieces such as the Haring dog included.

Banksy’s work elsewhere in the UK is featured in the remaining third including a decent mapped tour of Bristol where there is still plenty to see, the West Country, Brighton and the South Coast, Liverpool and fast fading work in Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.

If you’re up for a bit of walk around any of these cities (especially Bristol and London) this is the guide for you. Even if you’re not there’s such a wealth of information and anecdotes, not to mention decent quality pictures, that make this book worthy of your attention. It’s a bit of a bargain price too with some of the proceeds going to charity.

Now available from Amazon for £8.88

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