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So it’s been a while…the shortlist for the Oscars will be out soon with the prospect that Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop might make the final 5 for the Documentary category. It still seems though that some think it was a hoax. Personally I’m confident it wasn’t. Everything I could be bothered to check out about the films authenticity turns out to be true and others have been doing the same. I even briefly saw the films ‘star’ Thierry Guetta when walking around Old Street a few years back when rumours of ‘Life Remote Controls’ imminent release were circulating. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Unlike this Lego creation from MacLane Thierry Guetta is most definitely a real person.

All These Wonderful Things has a great little interview conducted via email with Banksy about the film. Read it here.

The large rat on the side of the old Whitehouse pub in Liverpool sounds like it’s going to suffer a fate worse than death shortly. According to a report in the Liverpool Daily Postthe new owners plan to save the rats head while the bottom half will be removed. I think I’d rather they removed the whole thing if that’s ‘preserving’ it. Imagine this head with a coffee bar beneath it, wtf indeed!

Banksy rat in Liverpool (photo: Steve Cotton / )

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