A little known underground tunnel in West London

Tucked away in a nature reserve under the control of Network Rail are a few relics of what was once the second largest railway yard in the UK. Feltham Marshalling Yard was a purpose built facility with over 30 miles of track but all of that has been removed and at ground level the site has been returned to nature. There are, however, if you look hard enough, clues as to its previous use littered all over what was once a 40 acre site. The largest of these is a 750ft long brick tunnel which was built under the yard as an overflow route for the adjacent river. It’s rarely seen anywhere on the web, in fact I couldn’t find any pictures of the inside of it at all. That’s probably because it has no lighting in it whatsover and is a little bit off the beaten track. I lit this pretty much by putting the camera on a tripod at one end and then lighting the walls with a ‘million candle’ torch. Interested in knowing more about this location? See here: Feltham Marshalling Yard and Cavalry Tunnel, Feltham.

Cavalry Tunnel, Feltham (photo

Hatch and ladder found halfway through the tunnel (photo

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