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MAID OF ACE / BRAINS ALL GONE / 16 GUNS at the Unicorn

MAID OF ACE / BRAINS ALL GONE / 16 GUNS Monday April 14th at the Unicorn, Camden

 16 Guns – great as always, even on a Monday night. Reviewed them too many times this year though to go into any more detail here otherwise this is going to become a 16 Guns blog! Suffice to say for me they went on too early save for the fact they always get the crowd going.

Brains All Gone are three young ladies from Krakow in Poland and currently on the Headcheck Records roster. There are no albums to date, only one single but that’s such a perfectly formed thing with a great accompanying video its doing its job of getting the band noticed. Besides when a band has come all the way from another country its a bit rude to stick them on first before anyone has turned up. They start off a little nervously easing their way into the first song but then quickly hit their stride. It’s obvious they have more than the one song (Education) and a diverse bunch of other poppy punk catchy numbers follow on. They leave the stage having won over some new fans who’ll hopefully return next time they play.

Main band tonight are another all girl band, except Maid of Ace are all sister too. They all share the same three initials to their names to boot hence the ACE tag. Like Brains All Gone they’ve not released an album to date but its imminent and they have a few decent videos on Youtube already gathering hits. Attitude pretty much sums them up, they have plenty backed up by an ability to write songs that stick readily in your mind. On the basis of tonights performance the album when it lands is going to be packed full of great riffs. Set closer, a cover of Fuzzbox’s Rules and Regulations, is the perfect cover – full of distorted guitars and a tribal beat. All in all it’s a great night and it’s only Monday!

Watch Maid Of Ace play Rules and Regulations live at the Unicorn, Camden

Maid of Ace

Maid of Ace at the Unicorn

Brains All Gone

Brains All Gone

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