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GBH / THE TWIN DRACULA / RAGE DC – Friday 25th July 2014 at Sub89, Reading

It’s quiet when I arrive at Sub89 tonight. I feel a bit sorry for opener Rage DC – Sub89 looks a big venue when theres hardly anyone in it and tiny when its full. As its the former I go right down the front to get a good view. Rage DC seem unphased and blast quickly through their set with a bit of banter with the local crowd thrown in for good measure. They’re quickly followed by Reading’s very own The Twin Dracula who I’d never heard of before let alone seen. Not an obvious name but they hit the spot right from the off. Thrashy numbers interspersed with a driving bass and drums set closer ‘Newtown Jazz Revival’ was the pick of the bunch for me. So good in fact I’ve later tracked it down and bought it on their Death Is Our Client CD EP. TTD are well worth investigating more.

When GBH hit the stage it’s still relatively early (gigs finish here on a Friday at 10pm sharp) but the venue now looks a lot more busy. Now pretty much my favourite release from GBH is Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne and the band launch into each song in turn until they’ve played the whole thing. Then it’s a romp through other highlights from a very long career. They’ve been an ever present force for over 30 years now. Sure they might have had a few quiet periods but they’ve never split up and even ‘new’ drummer Kai has over a decade under his belt. They put on a fine show, a real crowd pleasing set and I stumble out into the night air at the end a very happy man.

As a foot note I’d really recommend Ross Lomas’s biography “City Baby”. In time I’ll post up a full review but this a man and a musician with an actual story to tell rather than just a book full of “we played here, we got drunk, we had a fight” stories. Got a lot of respect for Ross after reading his story.

Watch GBH play Race Against Time live at Sub89, Reading

Watch The Twin Dracula play Occultimate Warrior live at Sub89

Ross Lomax from GBH

Jock from GBH

Coln from GBH

GBH punk band

The Twin Dracula

The Twin Dracula

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