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Shoreditch Street Art Tours


A few images from a recent jaunt with the ever knowledgeable Shoreditch Street Art Tours. It really doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about Street Art you’re going to learn a heck of a lot from Dave, hands down the best guide out there.

Faces from French artist Gregos

Amazing spray painted work by Fanakapan

Otto Schade in Fournier Street

Text work by Wrdsmth

Dzia in Hanbury Street

Even the rubbish appears colour coordinated with this Mr Cenz piece!

Nice textures on the leather jacket, artist unknown

Pigs might fly with an Egyptian twist (by Lovepiepenbrinck)

Lovely piece by pixelpancho and evoca1 piece in Hanbury Street

And a tiny piece elsewhere by 616

More from Wrdsmth

A beautiful little piece of Jonesy sculpture quietly minding its own business on top of a post. Read more about Jonesy here.

One lucky tour participant picking up a piece of free art from Mr Fahrenheit on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour.

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