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London street art round up November 2016

Out and about in Shoreditch – some of the London street art that caught my eye in November 2016.

“Where dreams come true join the club” Artist unknown

active distrbution

Active Distribution sticker – not exactly street art but worthy of inclusion

Bault street art

Bault (France) street art

Bunny Brigade

Bunny Brigade (Amsterdam)

Fanakpan art

Art by Fanakpan

JDK street art

JDK Street art (more here: JDK Street Art)

Lora Zombie

Heartbreaker by Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie street art

Love Piepenbrinck

Love Piepenbrinck little pig art

MCLN Nomadic Gardens

MCLN in the Nomadic Gardens

MCLN Street Art

MCLN Street Art

Meeting of Styles

Meeting of styles wall (and sofa)

Mr Cenz

Mr Cenz in the yard



Tyre Sculpture

Tyre Sculpture in Nomadic Gardens

Tyre Sculpture

Tyre Sculpture in the Nomadic Gardens

Tyre totem pole

Tyre totem pole in the Nomadic Gardens, Shoreditch

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