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SUBHUMANS, A HEADS, 100 Club London

SUBHUMANS / A HEADS Wednesday 11th January 2017, 100 Club London

The Subhumans last played the 100 Club in the 80’s, I remember one notable evening when all the bands names begun with S – Subhumans, Sears, Shrapnel and Smart Pils but I saw them so many time I can’t recall whether I went to their last gig there. Never mind they’re back tonight after three decades!

I arrived too late to catch Lost Cherrees (that’ll get sorted out this Saturday) so A Heads, old contemporaries of the Subhumans, are first up. Their most recognisable songs – ‘Dying Man’ from their TW records debut EP and ‘Forgotten Hero’ from their Bluurg records outing still stand out but it’s all of a similar quality. Singer Mel is a good front woman, getting down in amongst the crowd at times whilst the rest of the band provide a solid well rehearsed run through of their catalogue.

A Heads

A Heads at the 100 Club

After a little dig at the amount of cameras and phones pointing at the band The Subhumans get straight to the point starting with Apathy – Dick starts proceedings by saying “Drink, Sex, Cigarettes, Ford Cortina, Household Pets – Bombs, War, famine, Death? An apathetic public couldn’t care less”! and then everything just kicks off. Of course it’s a set full of classics, a bunch of the favourites too many to catalogue here but ‘Rats” gets a special mention (the band played  at the 100 Club the night before  Stop The City – one of the more successful demonstrations in the 80’s). They never disappoint, do they?

Subhumans, 100 Club

Subhumans, 100 Club



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  • I was at that show in ‘84. I was on a trip to Scotland to see some family. Me and my best friend took the train down to London to check out the Kings Rd and the punk scene there. We went to that show with The Sears. Dick Lucas was passing out Flyers for the Rats E.P. I remember the Stop The City demonstration was happening around the same time… great gig! Great memories too!!!


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