Gigs round up

Left the good camera at home of late – these are mainly phone pics. Normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

Oi Polloi support

Miserable Wretch, Tchances, Tottenham

Cress, punk band

Cress, Tchances, Tottenham

Oi Polloi at T Chances

Oi Polloi at T Chances, Tottenham

Burmese punk

Representative of the Common Street Punx Collective in Burma at TChances, Tottenham

Sleaford Mods, Kingston

Sleaford Mods, Banquet Records night at New Slang, Kingston

Ruts DC, Guildford G Live

Stranglers, Guildford, G Live

The Stranglers – G Live, Guildford

Refuse All, punk band

Refuse All – Cricketers, Kingston

The Disinclined band

The Discinclined, Crickerters, Kingston

Religion Equals Decay

Religion Equals Decay (RED) at the Cricketers, Kingston

Creeper support, Kingston

Mantra supporting Creeper at Kingston college

Creeper band

Creeper, Kingston

Religion Equals Decay

Religion Equals Decay, The Cave, Addlestone

Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Peter and The Test Tube Babies at the Cave, Addlestone

No Lip punk band

No Lip at the Cave, Addlestone


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