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Banksy at Art The Arms Fair 2017

New Banksy canvas at Art The Arms Fair

Banksy revealed his contribution to ‘Art The Arms Fair’ on September 11th via his Instagram account. This exhibition will be part of a protest aiming at stopping the Defence and Security Equipment (DESI) taking place in London from the 12th to the 15th September 2017. Banksy’s contribution will certainly turn the spotlight of attention towards the protest show and that can only help its mission.

Banksy canvas for Art The Arms Fair
Banksy at Art The Arms Fair (Image from Banksy’s own Instagram Account)

The DSEI arms fair itself is supported by the UK Government and markets the latest in killing technology to UK and foreign buyers – including many authoritarian regimes with human rights abuses. It takes place in the Excel exhibition Centre in London amid tight security which limits the opportunities for actually protesting at the venue itself. Stop The Arms Fair has a series of actions planned ranging from faith vigils to days of action as the event takes place. You can find out more about these here.

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