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Eddie Colla – see new works in London

New works by Eddie Colla in East London

Eddie Colla has at least two new works in London – do you know of any more? With thanks to the relentless watchful eye of Hooked Blog for finding the Woodseer Street piece which I would have definitely missed otherwise. There’s a bunch of great looking stickers around too.

Eddie Colla

Eddie Colla in Sclater Street (at then end where it meets Brick Lane). The new works first appeared on his Instagram feed on 25th December 2017.

A closer look at his new work in Sclater Street

Eddie Colla sticker

The ubitiquous Eddie Colla Sticker on Brick Lane

Eddie Colla WoodSeer Street

Eddie Colla on Woodseer Street

From Eddie Colla’s website: “Some people view what I do as vandalism.  I assume that their objection is that I alter the landscape without permission.  Advertising perpetually alters our environment without the permission of it’s inhabitants.  The only difference is that advertisers pay for the privilege to do so and I don’t.  So if you’re going to call me anything, it is more accurate to call me a thief.”

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