Banksy Shows

Solo Banksy shows

These are all official Banksy shows. There’s a big difference between these and the recent rash of shows which are popping up all over the world charging a significant fee to enter. The events Banksy has put on have either been free or have had a nominal fee for entrance. And they have been way, way better.

Banksy Turf War
Turf War (UK 2003)
Banksy Crude Oils
Crude Oils (UK 2005)
Banksy Barely Legal
Barely Legal (US 2006)
Banksy Vs Bristol Museum
Vs Bristol Museum (UK 2009)
Banksy Better Out Than In
Better Out Than In (NY 2012)
Banksy GDP show
Gross Domestic Product store (UK 2019)
Banksy Cut and Run show
Cut and Run (Glasgow UK 2023)
Banksy organised group shows
Banksy Cans Festival
Cans Festival (UK 2008)
Banksy Dismaland
Dismaland (UK 2015)