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Banksy FAQ _ Frequently Asked Questions                        

                      Banksy FAQ Yeah, I do get asked loads of questions so here’s some common answers:

How do I contact Banksy? Not through me _ I have no contact with Banksy. Please remember that despite once featuring in the Daily Mail in a positive manner Banksy remains, in the eyes of the law, a criminal. That makes it quite hard for him to answer emails or open your school fete.

Can I use Banksy’s designs for a T shirt range, greetings cards or a dog blanket? To my knowledge Banksy doesn’t use his images for commercial work such as this. I very much doubt he would appreciate it if you did either based on the comments on his website. 

What do Banksy’s pictures mean? Whatever you like? Its as simple or as hard as you want to make it. This is a picture of Pooh Bear in a trap next to a pot of money (instead of honey). If you are writing a thesis you will need to come up with a slightly more clever interpretation than that.  

I’ve nicked a bit of Banksy’s art off the street _ can you authenticate it for me. No, and put it back _ the rest of us were enjoying it just where it was. 

I’ve got an original piece of Banksy art or a screen print _ can you authenticate that? No. There is only one place now that can authenticate Banksy original works _ can provide authentication for Banksy screen prints.

I’m writing my thesis on graffiti and wondered if you could answer the following question? Do you think graffiti is a form of urban expression borne out of the socio economic policies of the latter 20th Century in the neo classical style of a post Modern Thatcherist era?  Err, no.

Is graffiti art or is it a crime? Its both. Why can’t teachers ever understand this? Everybody else manages to. 

Where can I find Banksy graffiti in London? I can actually be helpful here. The artofthestate Banksy locations map aims to be up to date with around ten good pieces to look at all the time. Over 25,000 visitors can’t be wrong.*

* not strictly true.  

I’ve seen a stencil! Is it a Banksy? Other people use stencils too but feel free to email a copy in and I’ll be more than happy to take a look (unless it’s that cocker spaniel stencil from Newport Pagnell services again).  

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  Banksy Bear TrapBanksy Bear Trap


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