Banksy Timeline

Banksy Timeline

Key events in the Banksy story in a timeline – this is very far from an exhaustive list!

2000: Solo exhibition at the Severnshed – 28th Feb to 3rd April (Bristol)

2001: Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall (A6 Book) / Rivington Street exhibition – 31st May (London)

2002: Existencilism exhibition – July 19th (Los Angeles) / Existencilism (A6 Book)

2003: Turf War exhibition (London) / Pictures On Walls started (Print house)

2004: Cut It Out (A6 Book)

2005: Crude Oils exhibition (London) / Wall and Piece (large format book)

2006: Barely Legal exhibition (Los Angeles) / Paris Hilton CD replacement

2008: The Cans Festival group show (Leake Street tunnel, London), Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill (New York), Hurricane Katrina pieces in New Orleans.

2009: Banksy Vs The Bristol Museum (Bristol Museum takeover)

2010: Exit Through The Gift Shop (Documentary Film) & Lambeth Palace Cinema

2013: Better Out Than In (Month long New York Residency)

2015: Dismaland Bemusement Park (Weston Super Mare)

2017: Walled Off Hotel (West Bank Barrier Wall)

2019 Gross Domestic Product Store (Croydon, UK)