Banksy Graffiti Removal

Banksy Graffiti Removal Hotline, West Kensington                        

                      Banksy Graffiti Removal Hotline, West Kensington About every two hours the government decide to launch a new initiative to crack down on anti_social behaviour (this despite there being ‘no such thing as society’ according to a previous occupant of the the top post). Each turns out to be as effective as the last but gives the impression that something is being done. The latest initiative are hotlines to report graffiti _ a call to arms for some.

STATUS: not just buffed in white but obliterated by black paint, somebody was really upset!       

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2006

  Banksy Graffiti Removal Hotline, West KensingtonBanksy Graffiti Removal Hotline, West Kensington


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