Banksy Happy Reaper

Graffiti in London, Banksy Grim reaper image                        

                      Banksy reaper IMPORTANT Someone linked to this picture on Ebay saying it provides possible proof that the work they are selling is a genuine Banksy street work (i.e. this piece).

I cannot provide provenance for Banksy work. Only can authenticate Banksy work (and I’d be very surprised if they would ever authenticate criminal damage in the street such as this).

Comparing the pictures on Ebay to my original picture I could see differences in the detail. If I was considering bidding on this piece (I’m not) I’d be asking the seller why this might be….  



Another reaper in Shoreditch. The line tracing back from the reaper connects into the unit on the side of the building responsible for the oily residue on the wall. 

STATUS: Buffed

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2003 / 2011


Banks graffiti Banksy graffiti reaper


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