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Banksy is a British street artist from Bristol. While he is maybe most famous for his street based stencil graffiti work he has also put on a wide variety of shows in unusual locations, released a film 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' and published several books. 

This site features a collection of over 600 unique photos of his work I've taken in the UK but it's not his 'official' website, if you want that you need to visit banksy.co.uk

If you are new to this site and want to see all the Banksy pictures one by one start here but be warned - its going to take a while! Otherwise just use the links on the far right to view individual picture galleries including street work, exhibitions and other appearances. For the latest Banksy news consider subscribing to the AOTS Banksy blog below or follow artofthestateuk on Twitter

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BANKSY LOCATIONS MAP The best available guides to Banksy's London locations are Martin Bull's 'Banksy Locations and Tours' books volume 1 and Volume 2 but if you've only got limited time and want to be sure that the graffiti will be there when you get there then try these locations in London marked on the Art Of The State Banksy Locations Map.

Banksy Locations Map

Feel free to get in contact with any questions you have about the Banksy images on these pages. I'm always interested in reports of new pieces. If you have any specific question about Banksy I suggest reading my FAQ's first.

Please note that you cannot buy printed copies of the Banksy images on this site. Budding entrepreneurs should also not use them to launch a new business on Ebay or anywhere else for that matter, thanks.


Banksy news - read the  aots banksy blog

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Banksy FAQ



Banksy in Hull

For the latest work by Banksy the best place to find this is on the Banksy Instagram feed. It's a verified source and updated with any significant events.

Banksy Basquiat

Banksy's recent work under the Barbican in London referncing and timed to coincide with the Basquiat show being held there - read more about this and other pieces on the artofthestate Banksy Blog.



 London updates

Banksy supported the #withsyria worldwide campaign, read more here

banksy_with_syria_3.jpg (228264 bytes)
banksy_lsa.jpg (175678 bytes)

A small new piece on the well worn tourist trail around London's East End, Banksy's version of the well known 'I went to London....' T Shirt

London May 2012, Banksy places a piece depicting child labour on the side of a Poundland store near Turnpike Lane. Since removed

banksy_trolley_3.jpg (120091 bytes)

Mayfair, December 2011, Banksy places a woman falling from height with a shopping trolley of luxury goods in one of the most affluent parts of London. Still in place and looking good.


Camden, June 2011. Banksy makes a new street piece quite obviously referencing the sentencing of infamous London graffiti writer Tox. Since removed. 

banksy_illegal_5.jpg (128911 bytes)

Fitzrovia, April 2011. 'If Graffiti changed anything it would be illegal'. Now under perspex.


Camden, January 2011. Banksy returned to the canal to install a room set complete with a chair - and a goldfish leaping out of a bowl towards a picture of an idyllic island.

banksy_camden_room.jpg (137810 bytes)
banksy_sperm_alarm_2.jpg (97039 bytes)

Victoria, January 2011. Swiftly found after it appeared on Banksy's website this 'sperm alarm' appeared close to Victoria station. It was subsequently cut out of the wall and put up for auction. 


Southwark, October 2010. This figure holding on to a dog in the style of artist Keith Haring appeared on the side of a cafe South of the river.

banksy_no_future_1.jpg (113245 bytes) banksy_global_warming.jpg (89105 bytes) banksy_wallpaper_hanging.jpg (134590 bytes) banksy_highwayman.jpg (64721 bytes)
banksy_exit_queen_unveil.jpg (183842 bytes) banksy_3d_rat_canvas.jpg (96529 bytes) banksy_lambeth_palace_cinema.jpg (117761 bytes) banksy_hmv_promo_2.jpg (157216 bytes)
banksy_camden_video.jpg (110401 bytes) supplied_banksy_film_large.jpg (101862 bytes)